Today I realize

via Daily Prompt: Calling

How crushing on someone can also be on something.
How effort does become material things. And even though I’ve never been a real fan of money (because of family fights, school issues, night outs that I missed, and more); I never thought I would cry so much over a phone.

So the biggest trend on the era has been entrepreneurship, for everyone. Special clap for woman that are on it! Anyways, my surroundings have always pushed me to believe that a startup would fill me. And I have to accept it has. I haven`t been developing a new commercial idea, but I’ve been working two months now as a freelancer on social media-.

Although you may imagine me as this beautiful stereotype of facebook-expert-hipster with developed tech-skills. Im not. Im just a fast learner with good grades on university.
A month ago, thanks to a contest two other friends and me, got as first place a trip to Bogotá, Colombia to receive a digital marketing course. Which, with almost a month on work inspired me to get better. Better tools. So I invested some savings, my first payment, time, techie friends advice, and my brother’s effort on getting a new laptop (also my mom’s money) and a cellphone. Both (pc and cell)of the latest developments and very much the biggest move Ive done so far to grow on my professional career.

The sadly stupid part:
So, long story short, I was hanging out with two friends. Talking nonsense on a park. I was expecting a call, and waiting for it made me feel several times fake vibrations and music from my phone. My friend asked for my phone to hold it until I was more relaxed. Kept walking and stopped at this games area, sat on one, moved to other. Then I decided instead of expecting it I would call. Ask my friend for my phone, and she had left it in the last game we had been. A couple of minutes had passed, but it was enough for my phone to be lost. She clearly remembers placing my phone over the game. So, whoever took it, was lucky and very dishonest. I cried the same night, and I’ve been crying over it every time I tell the story. Except for this one.

The security from the place said the cameras were turning so they had nothing on film. I’ve been trying to get to see the recordings, but by now, four days later, I think I’ve lost hope of finding it and getting back all my info, work stuff, pictures, and my symbol of personal growth.

I have nothing else to add. Falling In love like I did with my phone, I think it was more of a self-satisfaction and pride of myself rather than anything else.

Any comments that can bring me back? Or realize that im just overreacting the fact I feel Im not immediate, connected, ready. I still have my laptop, but I just cant be online all the time anymore.

Maybe its just a very profound money issue, I mean If I had enough I’ll guess it still would hurt a lot, but It would be way more solvable. Or a calling to become stronger and learn. What do you think?


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