via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

If there was a bread-obssesive-lover-alarm, it would go on within a radio of three meters around myself.

Pureness never felt comfy like in my love for bread.

It’s hard to let go love, and mostly long life relationships; but its time for me to move on. The reason? Health. Bread and candy are my own barrier at achieving the body I weep for. Sugar I love, and candy knows it will stay in my heart. But bread, oh my sweet and beautiful bread, how can live without thee?

Ugh. Wish I could eat bread-flavored lettuce.

I started my sad days today, saying no to the love of my life. I don´t plan on cutting off bread completely, but to reduce it. The inner conflict generated today was that I had as breakfast a hundred of chocolate & vanilla cookies(made by myself) leftovers from New Year’s dinner. I couldnt control myself because my brain was very sleepy still. Having as a resolution to start 2017 decently, my cookie accident had to be leveled the rest of my day. I wasnt allowed to eat any cookies, cake, sweets, or bread for the day.
Although hunger didnt appear at my door today, my heart has been crying. Broken but hopeful.

Hopeful on better days,
better body,
better self confidence.
and a healthy-loving bread relationship for life


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